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This Wiki is meant for the documention of the curriculum of the Web Science Master Programme of TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences.

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Forms and regulations

You find forms and regulations of the programme here.


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13 February 2018Christiane GrünlohThe schedule for summer term 2018 is online.ScheduleOnlineschedule:Summer2018 DM WPD
Onlineschedule:Summer2018 FPII WS
13 January 2018Christiane GrünlohThe schedule for the next on-site weekend is now online.On-site schedule onlineOn-Site-Schedule:2018 04 b
On-Site-Schedule:2018 04 a
On-Site Schedule
12 January 2018Jakob van KampenHey friends.

We are approaching a very special on-site weekend in Cologne because it is carnival season. Because of that we won't be able to meet up in a bar because they will a be very packed with costumed people. Eventhough we can see if we meet up after the last session on Saturday and have a carneval pre on-site drink at a kiosk.

Good luck for the rest of the semester and see you soon!

Carnival Weekend
9 January 2018Christiane GruenlohThe first master thesis seminar (introduction to methods and tools) will take place on Thursday, 1st February 2018 19:00.First master thesis seminarMaster Thesis Seminar:Summer2018
8 January 2018Christiane GrünlohOnline-Registration for the examinations is possible from 15.01. to 23.01.2018 Don't forget to register!Registration for examsWeb Trust and Security
Web and Cooperation
Foundations and Principles I
10 November 2017Christiane GruenlohAs discussed via mail: the last seminar will take place on Thursday 16.11., 19:00.Master Thesis Seminar moved to ThursdayMaster Thesis Seminar:Winter2017
1 November 2017Christiane GrünlohWe made a new LaTeX template for the master thesis, which also works in Overleaf. See LaTeX Wiki pageLaTeX Template updateLaTeX
Master Thesis Seminar:Winter2017
11 July 2017Jakob van KampenHi fellow students! The traditional student night out will take place on Saturday from 19:30. I will keep you posted about the location on the weekend. Some people want to meet on Friday for beers and banter as well. Keep an eye on the Google+ group. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! JakobStudent Night Out
12 May 2017Christiane GruenlohThe following books are as hardcopy available via TH Köln library (publisher do not provide these as eBooks): Punch, Keith F. "Introduction to social research", Kozinets, Robert V. "Netnography".Books on research methods as hardcopy availableMaster Thesis Seminar:Summer2017
Research Methods:Summer2017
18 April 2017Christiane GrünlohPlease remember to watch the lecture on research methods before next Thursday as preparation for the online session.Research Methods recorded lectureResearch Methods:Summer2017
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