Decision and Management

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Fact Box
Jan Karpe
Credits 12
Term Term 3, Term 4
Workload 300 h


2 April 2015Christiane GrünlohThe first online session of the course Requirements Management (Module: Decision and Mangement) will take place on 21. April (instead of 07. April).Risk Management First online session movedRequirements Management:Summer2015
Decision and Management

Learning outcomes

The students will develop a basic understanding for crucial aspects of organizational behavior theory, network theory, and communication theory to demonstrate best practices in organizational leadership. They will be able to identify different organizational options and assess their risks and chances.

The students will understand crucial ideas, impacts and effects of web megatrends like Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Agile IT and Big Data on organizations, enterprises and teams. The students get an integrated knowledge of modern innovative systems like Open Innovation.

The students will know the strategic benefits and risks of strategic networks, virtual organizations and collaborative systems of work. They will reflect the modern approach of transaction theory. They are able to apply the approaches of new institutional economics on modern organizational questions. This includes an evaluation of the critical success factors in concrete implementations.

The students get an integrated knowledge of leadership theory and will be able to discuss the efficiency advantages of a suitable modern leadership. They can correctly use different intercultural behavior frames of reference to diagnose individual and group situations in the international context.

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