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Fact Box
Module Foundations and Principles I
Gerhard Hartmann
Credits 3
Term Term 1, Term 2
Course is not required
Current course page Winter 2018
Active Yes

This course is part of the module Foundations and Principles I

The Big Idea

The relevance of the topic of the course for Web Sience as a academic discipline and for tasks in 
the professional pratice should be explained. It would be very welcome, if in addition to a written 
explanation also a video statement of no more than three minutes duration would be provided.

Intended Learning Outcomes

An explanation of the knowledge, competencies and skills, that would be acquired by the 
participation in the course. The relation of these intended learning outcomes to the respective 
objectives of the module and the programme as whole should be discussed.

Structure of the Course

The structure of the course should be provided in some detail. For each topic a brief introduction 
should be given, the main concepts should be listed, and relations between them should be 
explained. References to material in the library, the learning platform, or the internet should be 
given and it should be stated whether material is considered mandatory or supplementary.

Didactic Concept, Schedule and Assignments

Didactic Concept
It schould be explained how the topics of the course are being dealt with: the use of online 
lectures, online groupwork, study phases, and on site activities should be defined for each topic. 
Also the expected workload for each topic should be defined.

A schedule of the online and on-site activities is to be provided.

The assigments given to the students during the course should be listed and layed out in detail.


Information concerning the examination schould be provided for the students.


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