Foundations and Principles II

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Fact Box
Jan Karpe
Credits 12
Term Term 1
Workload 300 h


Learning outcomes

The students receive an overview of the most important economic and societal references of the web, develop the ability to establish relationships between subjects and are capable to master state-of-the-art economic questions in context of the web.

Attending the course, the students learn about the essential strategic and operational decision fields of importance in the area of marketing products and services through the web. This refers to strategic decisions affecting customers, competitors and sales partner. The students obtain a broad perspective on the possible strategy options in web context and on the economic modelst hat support the selection of strategic options as well as on practical possibilities to encircle attractive target groups. Regarding operational issues, the students should learn about the spectrum of decisions in the area of product, price, promotion und penetration. The important contents are delivered by practical case studies.

Apart from the above mentioned subjects on marketing and strategy, the students will be able to apply the most important quantitative and qualitative models and success factors that allow an economic evaluation of web based projects. In concrete situations the students can select an adequate methodology based on systematic criteria and accomplish cost-effective evaluation.

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