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This Wiki is meant for the documention of the curriculum of the Web Science Master Programme of TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences.

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Forms and regulations

You find forms and regulations of the programme here.


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13 August 2018Christiane GrünlohThe schedule for winter term 2018 is online.ScheduleOnlineschedule:Winter2018 WTS WC
Onlineschedule:Winter2018 FPI D
13 August 2018Christiane GrünlohThe schedule for the next on-site weekend is now online.On-site schedule onlineOn-Site-Schedule:2018 09 b
On-Site-Schedule:2018 09 a
On-Site Schedule
31 July 2018Christiane GruenlohThe deadline for binding enrolment into optional Courses is seven days after the first on-site session of each semester. Optional Courses will only be continued with a minimum of enrolled 3 students.Regulation for optional coursesWeb Architectures:Winter2018
Introduction to Web Science:Winter2018
Human-Computer Interaction Basics:Winter2018
Interaction Design:Winter2018
Design Thinking:Winter2018
Cooperation Systems:Winter2018
Intercultural Teams:Winter2018
Web Security:Winter2018
Web Trust:Winter2018
Design Methodology:Winter2018
20 July 2018Christiane GruenlohThe first master thesis seminar (introduction to methods and tools) will take place next Tuesday, July 24 at 19:00.First master thesis seminarMaster Thesis Seminar:Winter2018
15 July 2018Josy and MylesGet together @7pm on Friday and after class on Saturday.Get Together
2 July 2018Josephine GreifenbergLate, but hopefully not too late: Please be aware, that we need to register for our exams until 3rd of July in PSSO ( registration SoSe2018
15 April 2018Benjamin KrumnowDear students, I have added various new subjects for the seminar papers. Please check them here: Topics for ROSMDRisks and Opportunities of Social Media Data:Summer2018
9 April 2018Kristian Fischerparticipants of the course web projectmanagement 2018 are asked to assign themselves to working groups of 4 before the workshop on April 12thProj mgmtWeb Project Management:Summer2018
12 January 2018Jakob van KampenHey friends.

We are approaching a very special on-site weekend in Cologne because it is carnival season. Because of that we won't be able to meet up in a bar because they will a be very packed with costumed people. Eventhough we can see if we meet up after the last session on Saturday and have a carneval pre on-site drink at a kiosk.

Good luck for the rest of the semester and see you soon!

Carnival Weekend
8 January 2018Christiane GrünlohOnline-Registration for the examinations is possible from 15.01. to 23.01.2018 Don't forget to register!Registration for examsWeb Trust and Security
Web and Cooperation
Foundations and Principles I
ältere Nachrichten